Bible Lands Summer Program

Explore Biblical Sites in the Middle East

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Spend your summer exploring Biblical sites across Jordan, Turkey, or other areas in the Middle East. You may float in the Dead Sea, scramble around Petra, or camp in the desert of Wadi Rum. You’ll get to visit places of interest both for Biblical and modern history. In the process you'll earn up to 9 hours of course credit and fulfill your Global Studies requirement. Have the adventure of a lifetime, and earn course credit in the process! Join us for the Bible Lands Summer Studies Program.

General Information

Cost: $5200

Team Size: 12-15+  students

Professor: Dr. David Vila

Location: Varies (may visit Jordan, Israel, Turkey, or other Middle Eastern sites)

Dates: 27 June - 10 August 2016


Courses Offered:

BBL 4483 Christian Life in the Holy Land ( Core Capstone)
BBL 3003 Essentials of Evangelical Theology (Core Bible)
BBL 4483 Art & Archaeology of Jordan (Core Art)

Meets Global Studies Requirement

How to Apply:

1. Fill out the Application for Summer Education Programs.
2. Return the application and all documentation to International Programs Office.
3. The studies team leaders review all applications and will communicate with applicants accordingly.


For More Information, contact:
Dr. David Vila
Professor of Religion and Philosophy
John Brown University

Melissa Stevenson
International Education Coordinator
John Brown University

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