Courses and Questions

Courses and Questions:

What are the Courses Like?
Honors courses are designed to stimulate and challenge the motivated student. Often there are fewer lectures and more student involvement. They may include field trips, advanced research or simulations. Honors courses emphasize critical thinking, scholarly growth and intellectual curiosity.

Are Honors Classes Harder Than Regular Classes?
Not necessarily. Honors courses stress individual responsibility for learning. They usually focus on analysis, because faculty expect Honors scholars to go beyond simple facts. Honors faculty are also likely to be innovative, creative and even daring in their teaching methods.

What About Class Size?
Honors classes are usually smaller than their general education equivalents. And you'll get to know your Honors faculty very well.

How Will I Fit Honors Courses into My Schedule?
Honors courses replace core curriculum courses that you have to take anyway. Instead of taking Old Testament Survey, for example, you take Honors Old Testament Survey. We work very hard to make your schedule work — even engineering and teacher education students.

What Courses are Offered for Honors Credit?
Here are the courses:

Freshman and Sophomore:
EGL 1083H   English I   Every Fall
EGL 1093H   English II   Every Spring
BBL 1083H   Old Testament Survey   Every Fall
BBL 1093H   New Testament Survey   Every Spring
BIO 1093H   Biology   Every Spring
HST 1083H   Western Civilization I   Every Fall
HST 1093H   Western Civilization II   Every Spring
PSY 1093H   Introductory Psychology   Every Fall
POL 2193H   American Government   Spring, Even
COR 2591H   Colloquium   Upon Request
Junior and Senior:        
BBL 3083H   Integrated Theology I   Fall, Odd
BBL 4083H   Integrated Theology II   Spring, Even
COR 3093H   Integrated Humanities I   Fall, Even
COR 4093H   Integrated Humanities II   Spring, Odd
POL 3093H   Political Philosophy   Spring, Even
COR 3111H   Intro to Capstone   Every Fall
COR 3591H   Colloquium   Upon Request

Recommended: 3 hours of thesis in the major on upper level (not required).


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