Community engagement is a key component in the Honors Scholars Program’s philosophy, which is why students are encouraged to partake in or create an outreach program for the community.

Current opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Raising awareness of homelessness in Northwest Arkansas
  • Raising money for art in Guatemala
  • Working as a language instructor
  • Running a film series on campus
  • Raising awareness on human trafficking
  • Tutoring
  • Helping run elementary-age reading workshops

 "Tutoring was a great experience. It was a really low-key way to get to know some kids in the area and make a tangible difference in their lives." --Margo Smith '11 (Political Science)

The Venue

The Honors Scholars Program is well-known across the JBU campus for hosting The Venue, a campus-wide party in which participants (honors and non-honors students, faculty, staff and administrators) are encouraged to explore the arts and raise their awareness of current political and social causes.

Each Venue is organized around a theme related to the arts such as Jazz, History of Photography, Italian Renaissance or the Horror Film. The Venue tends to draw between 150 and 250 participants and on more than one occasion some of JBU's cabinet members have been sighted sipping fair-trade coffee and swaying to the sounds of a live jazz band.


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