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Digging Deeper

After taking courses in their major for several years, many honors students are ready, under the supervision of a faculty member, to take on an independent project. The completion of the project allows students to graduate with Presidential Honors (highest honors).

In their junior or senior years, many honors students may tackle an original, major-related project based on interests, gifts, passions and goals beyond JBU. A faculty supervisor guides the student through selection of the topic, research, writing and revision. The project is often considered equivalent to a graduate-level assignment and allows the student to demonstrate competence for graduate school and employment.

Recent majors represented through the Honors Capstone Projects include:

  • Philosophy – “The Problem of Evil: A Theodicy of Natural Law, Goodness, and Freedom”
  • Engineering – “Assisting Device for Manually Handicapped Workers”
  • Illustration- “Illustrating Walter Wangerin’s The book of the Dun Cow”
  • Music - “From Acculturation to Acceptance: The Story of Western Cherokee Hymnody”
  • Chemistry – “A Computational Analysis of the Diastereospecificity of the Adol Addition of S-(+)-Carvone to Benzaldehyde Derivatives”
  • Business – “TadeUp: A Business Plan”
  • Education – “Instruction beyond Testing: Using Reading as a Tool for Standardized Test Improvement”
  • History – “Christ and Conflict: Religion, Theological Reflection, and the Twentieth-Century Combat Verteran”
  • Construction Management – “Agricultural and Renewable Energy Cooperatives within Real Estate Development”



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