Share Your Work

"Presenting at Honors conferences has been one of the highlights of being in the honors program," said James Cooke '11. "The process always gives me new insight, new ideas and new motivation for my own research."

In the HSP, we encourage academic inquiry by giving students the opportunities to ask and answer their own questions and then tell others about it. Inquiry-based learning is an engrained part of the HSP culture — from the first to the last semester. Students may produce papers for their lower-division classes, for example, engage in collaborative research in the science lab, or they may conduct their own independent research via the Honors Capstone Project.

After conducting original research or creative projects, students often present their work at national or regional conferences, with expenses covered by Honors Scholars Program. Hundreds of Honors Scholars Program students have presented their works in the United States.

Awards include:

  • Dennis Boe Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research
  • Joseph E. Pryor Fellowship
  • Edwin W. Gaston, Jr. Scholarship



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