Photo: Honors House

Honors House

A Place for the Students

The Honors Center, available to honors students from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily, provides an attractive location for studying, tutoring, cooking or watching movies.

The Center provides a cohesive place of belonging for approximately 230 Honors students, and is a place that they visit often for a variety of reasons including class, study space and laundry.

Adviser and Co-curricular Coordinator Maria Lehr and Administrative Assistant Glenda Manos each have offices located in the center. Students are always more than welcome to stop by their offices to visit or ask questions.

The front door opens into a living room area where an arrangement of couches and tables provide an atmosphere conducive to studying or socializing. At almost any hour of the day one or two students can be found occupying a chair or table, dutifully reading for class, or searching the web using the high speed wireless Internet that is available in the house. There is also a  television and a DVD player for viewing films. 

The Shirley Thomas Library was added in 2008. Shirley Thomas founded the Honors Program in 1988, and this collection of books reflects her commitment to learning. Students are encouraged to borrow the books and donate their own to the library.

Other features of the honors house include frequent student art displays, an interactive chalk board wall, a fully-outfitted kitchen and a laundry room that does not require quarters.

Honors Discussion
In this picture, author Jill Briscoe expounds on a message she shared during chapel. Visiting chapel speakers generally lead an optional follow up discussion in the afternoon. Talk Back Sessions are open to all students, and chapel credit is sometimes given to students who attend.





Honors House Gatering
The program often hosts events for students at the house.

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