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Classes Offered

Cardio and Strength-Building Classes

Cardio and Strength-Building Classes

  • Group Power – weightlifting class set to music
  • Group Centergy – stretching and toning class set to contemporary music using stretching and pilates poses
  • Cardio Party – this class can be any type of activity that will get your heart pumping – typically step with interval training or weight work but each class will vary in format


Eight (8) or (16) session cards can be purchased from the instructor at any of the classes or in the WLHC office.

Prices per session when purchasing a card:
$2 per class for JBU students
$3 per class for JBU employees and health complex members
$4 per class for community members.

If  paying per class, the fee is  $5 per class.

Senior Exercise Classes

  • Senior Classic – Range of motion, flexibility, stretching, light weights
  • Senior Circuit – Range of motion, flexibility, stretching, light weights – start here if just beginning program.
  • Smooth Moves – stretching and flexibility
  • Silver Splash – water resistant light exercise in four foot of water.
  • Morning Stretch and Tone

Classes are free to Seniors who qualify for the Silver Sneakers program and have their Healthway ID card. Seniors who have a current WLHC membership can participate in the Senior Exercise Classes at no charge.
If  not a WLHC member or eligible for the Silver Sneakers program, the fee is  $2 per class.

View Current Schedule (PDF) for All Classes

For fitness class information, please contact Rita Lamphear at 479.524.7246


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