Graduate Faculty Institute

GFI LogoThe Graduate Faculty Institute (GFI) encompasses all the resources, activities and events related to the professional development of faculty in the Graduate School of John Brown University.  The goal of GFI is to improve student learning by helping faculty continue to improve as teachers and mentors.  GFI embraces all graduate faculty and we are particularly attentive to the needs of our widespread adjunct faculty. 

Master Teaching Series

A key component of GFI is the Master Teaching Series, a series of courses designed to help adjunct faculty improve their teaching, their connectedness to JBU, their application of faith and Christian concepts to the teaching of their disciplines, and the fulfillment of operational expectations. The first course in the series is a nine-week course called "Core Concepts." This course will be offered every fall and spring.  For more information and to register for the course, see Master Teaching Series.


In addition to the Master Teaching Series courses, several other events - both formal and informal - will be offered to graduate faculty each year. For a list of these events, click on the Faculty Events tab. Graduate faculty are also invited to attend all campus activities for university faculty members offered by the Office of Faculty Development.


For links to important faculty resources such as a Faculty Handbook, the Graduate Student Guide, the catalogue, the JBU library, EagleNET, the Office of Distance Learning, and the bookstore, click on the Resources tab.

Faculty Bios

To view the current faculty listing as well as to update the information on your faculty bio, click on the Faculty Bios link.






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