Graduate School Staff

Staff and administration of JBU's Graduate School

Graduate School Administration

J. Richard Ellis, Ph.D.

Dean of the Graduate School

Mindy Hunt, M.Ed.

Graduate Programs Project Manager

Missy Swyers 

Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Graduate Admissions

Susan DeWoody, M.S.

Associate Vice President for Academic Operations
Dean of Degree Completion & Non-Traditional Programs

Kelly DeWitt, M.S.

Graduate Representative, Fort Smith

Samantha McClain

Graduate Education Representative

Elizabeth Pulley, M.A.

Graduate Representative, Little Rock

Nikki Rader, M.A.

Graduate Counseling Representative

Kent Shaffer, M.S.L.E.

       Graduate Business Representative

Lori Walker, M.L.A.

Director of Marketing and Corporate Relations, Graduate and Degree Completion Programs

Serena Boyd

Admissions Specialist

Soderquist College of Business

Joe Walenciak, Ph.D.

Dean, Soderquist College of Business

Graduate Business

DeNisha McCollum, M.Ed., M.S.L.E.

Head, Department of Graduate Business

Gail Edwards

Administrative Specialist

Ruby Bowles

Administrative Assistant 

College of Education and Human Services

Jeff Terrell, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Education and Human Services

Graduate Counseling

John Carmack, Ph.D

Head, Department of Counseling

Christa Means, M.S.

Director, CARE Clinic, Fort Smith

Justin Phillips, M.S.

Executive Director, JBU CARE Clinics

Barry Wingfield, Ph.D.

Director, Little Rock CARE Clinic

Marena Harmon

Administrative Assistant and
Enrollment Coordinator

Graduate Education

Gloria Gale, Ph.D.

          Graduate Program Director & Department Chair

       Jennifer Samuels

          Administrative Assistant

       Judy Hobson, Ed.S.

          Project EQUIP Director

        Heidi Smith

          Administrative Assistant, Project EQUIP

Graduate Visual Arts

       Todd Goehner, M.F.A.

          MFA Program Director

       Jeannie Abbott

          Administrative Assistant