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Past Events

Guest Artists

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September 24-25

Andrea Dilley, Essayist
Benjamin Myers, Poet Laureate of Oklahoma
Jonathan Friesen, Novelist
Andrew Belle, Singer/Songwriter

 Belle Concert - Walker

 Andrew Belle in Concert



Dilley Master Class

Andrea Dilley Teaches Master Class in Nonfiction



Friesen - Reading

 Jonathan Friesen Reads from Both of Me


Jessica Wilson and Yellow Shirts

Director Jessica Wilson and
"Yellow Shirts"


Benjamin Myers Reads Poetry
 Oklahoma Poet Laureate Benjamin Myers Reads Poetry



AB Convocation
 Andrew Belle at Convocation




September 25-26

Brett Foster, Poet
Jessie van Eerden, Novelist
Shannon Polson, Essayist
Josh Harmony, Songwriter



Brett Foster


group 1

Ed Ericson and Jake Stratman, Giving Voice Director, with Guest Brett Foster





Jessie van Eerden



Jessica Wilson, Giving Voice Director for 2015


aud 2

Captive Audience



Shannon Polson


J, J, A

Jonathan and Amanda Himes Talk to Josh Harmony



Josh Harmony in Concert




September 26-27

Thomas Maltman, Novelist
Jeanne Murray Walker, Poet
Patty Kirk, Essayist and Memoirist
Andrew Peterson, Songwriter

Thomas Maltman

Thomas Maltman


Julia M Walker

Jeanne Murray Walker


Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

Patty Kirk

Patty Kirk


Audience at the Reading

Audience at the Reading


Andrew Peterson Sings

Andrew Peterson Performs



September 25-26

Brian Doyle, Essayist
Kevin Brockmeier, Novelist
Gwen Hart, Poet
Derren Raser, Songwriter

Bryan Doyle

Brian Doyle


Kevin Brockmeier

Kevin Brockmeier


Gwen Hart

Gwen Hart


Darren Raser

Derren Raser



September 22-23

Lauren Winner, Essayist
Kevin McIlvoy, Novelist
Aaron Baker, Poet
Traci Letellier, Songwriter

 Lauren Winner

Lauren Winner


Kevin Mcllvoy

Kevin Mcllvoy


Arron Baker

Aaron Baker


Traci Letellier

Songwriter Traci Letellier and Band


Gary Guinn

Gary Guinn, Giving Voice Director 2007 - 2011

John Brown University Distinguished Professor of English


High School Students

High School Students Going to Workshops


Calligraphy Workshop

Calligraphy Workshop


February 11-12

Andrew Hudgins, Poet
Leif Enger, Novelist
Sari Fordham, Memoirist
Traci Letellier, Songwriter, Performer, and JBU Alumna

Writers Panel

Andrew Hudgins, Leif Enger, and Sari Fordham Answer Questions from English Majors


David Farly and Traci Letellier

Accompanist David Farly and Songwriter Traci Letellier



February 26-27

Patricia Hampl, Memoirist
Thom Satterlee, Poet
Roger Hart, Writer of Fiction
Emily Culella, Poet and JBU Alumna

Patricia Hampl

Patricia Hampl


Emily Culella, Patricia Hampl, and Thom Saterlee

Emily Culella, Patricia Hampl, and Thom Satterlee


Thom Satterlee

Thom Satterlee


Roger Hart

Roger Hart



April 3-4

Bret Lott, Writer of Fiction
Julia Spicher Kardorf, Poet
Tim Bascom, Memoirist
Nathan Parker, Poet and JBU Alumnus

Bret Lott

Bret Lott


Julia Spicher Kardorf

Julia Spicker Kardorf


Tim Bascom

Tim Bascom



March 29-30

Scott Cairns, Poet
Diane Glancy, Poet
Tom Noyes, Writer of Fiction
Patty Kirk, Essayist and Memoirist

Scott Cairns

Scott Cairns

Tom Noyes, Scott Cairns, and Patty Kirk

Tom Noyes and Scott Cairns


Dian Glancy

Diane Glancy


Patty Kirk

Patty Kirk


 Scott Cairns Teaching Poetry Workshop

 Scott Cairns Teaching Poetry Workshop


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