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Tuesday, Dec. 1 is Giving Tuesday

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Giving Tuesday


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 Giving Tuesday



Valerie McArthur, future teacher
Class of 2018

As a missionary kid growing up in Guatemala, Central America, sophomore Valerie McArthur washed and reused Ziplock bags and was always jealous of the kids who got to buy their lunches at school.

Still, higher education was a priority for her parents who have been Wycliffe Bible Translators for 35 years. When she started looking at colleges, the numbers on the screen were always too big. However, with the JBU Scholarship Fund and other aid, nearly two-thirds of Valerie’s college costs were covered.

Two weeks into her freshman year, Valerie’s mom was diagnosed with stage one follicular lymphoma. She started chemotherapy right away and Valerie was able to fly home to for Christmas. With her mom now in remission, Valerie is looking toward her future.

After graduation she plans to apply for the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET).

“Without my scholarships I would never have been able to pursue my dream. I’m grateful for the generosity of donors who are showing love to someone they don’t even know,” said McArthur.

Giving Tuesday



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