Save 16 Project

Creating awareness about how giving saves students money

What is it?

Because of the generosity of others you save $4,000 a year on the cost of your JBU education.
(if you want to read the long version see below)


$4,000 x 4 years = $16,000 total savings

That kind of savings is worth talking about.

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For more information about the Save 16 project, contact Chad Cunningham in the university advancement office at: or 479-524-7107.

Long version:Tuition subsidy

Did you know that all undergraduate JBU students save four thousand dollars every year off the cost of their education? It's true! While the sticker price of a JBU education is:$28,328, the true cost for your education is: $32,328. This adds up to a total four-year savings of sixteen thousand dollars! That's a lot of money.

While over the past few years many students have heard about the subsidy message in different ways through the: "Freedom is Coming" campaign or the "Tuition-is-cheaper-than-it-should-be" campaign we've re-branded the subsidy message this year as the Save 16 Project to better connect how much each student saves in concrete terms.

Each semester University Advancement teams up with students and student organizations to creatively raise awareness of this great fact. Join the "Thank you" revolution!