JBU Scholarship Fund


It’s fair to say that many students need help covering the cost of college. Here at JBU one main way we help is through the JBU Scholarship Fund, and every dollar raised for this fund goes straight to students who have scholarship needs and for the work-study program.

The goal of the JBUSF is to reduce the financial barriers that keep students from attending. By providing scholarship assistance and/or work-study jobs for 85 % of the JBU student population, the JBUSF continues to help bridge the gap for JBU students’ college goals.

Q. Why the Fund?
Gifts to this Fund go directly to pay a student employee's wages or to provide for a Giving to the JBUSF reduces financial barriers for studentsneed-based scholarship. Your gift reaches a student now.

Q. Why is the need for this Fund urgent?
Each year there are countless students that without this fund, could not attend JBU.

Q. Does my gift go to students?
Yes! Fund dollars pay student's paychecks and provide for need-based scholarships. If the student works, he or she gets paid from dollars given to the JBUSF

Q. What can I do?
Your gift, of any size, is joyfully welcomed. Click here to give online!

Q. What can I give?
In addition to cash or online gifts, you can give stock, bonds or real estate to the JBU Scholarship Fund. Find more more >>

Q. What if I can't afford to give?
We covet your prayers. Also consider whether you can afford $1. Alumni gifts are the single most successful "challenge" to others to give. So, you see, we truly mean it when we say any gift is welcome.