Founder's Circle


What is the JBU Founder's Circle?
The JBU Founder's Circle is a group of alumni and friends of the university who commit to support JBU through praying for, giving to and promoting the university.

Why did JBU form the Founder's Circle?
Originally, JBU formed the Leadership Circle and Parent's Circle in December 2000 to partner with a core group of people who loved JBU and wanted to be part of what God was doing on campus.

In 2012, both groups were combined and renamed the Founder's Circle. This unified group supports the same vision as the Parent and Leadership Circles: Pray, promote and provide for the University.

How will I know what to pray about?
As a JBU Founder's Circle member, you will receive a regular newsletter that will contain updates with various types of information. This will include a column from our President, Dr. Charles Pollard. The JBU website will also feature a page with up-to-date prayer requests for the university.

Where does the money go?
Gifts from Founder's Circle members go to the JBU Scholarship Fund, which provides JBU students with need-based and work-study scholarships.

How do I promote the mission of JBU?
There are a number of ways you can promote JBU’s mission. One very practical way to promote JBU is to help recruit students. When you know of potential students, whether family, friends or fellow church members; tell them about JBU and in turn, tell us about the potential student so that we can follow up with them.

How do I encourage others to support JBU in similar ways?
As your path crosses with JBU alumni or people who have a kindred spirit; encourage them to get involved with the JBU Founders' Circle or other giving opportunities.

How do I join the JBU Founder's Circle?
Once you agree to commitments, simply inform us of your desire to join and we will take care of getting you set up. Click here to join today!

Do I need to send my gift up front to join the JBU Founder's Circle?
No. Your gift can be given in a multiple of ways: one-time payment any time during the year; monthly; or on-line through a secure site.

How much do I need to give to be part of the Founder's Circle?Members agree to give annually amounts of $25,000, $10,000, $5,000, $25,000 or $1,000 (the minimum annual amount is $500).