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Founder's Circle

Alumni, Friends, Parents Dedicated to Supporting JBU

The John Brown University Founder's Circle is a group of dedicated alumni, friends and parents who commit to support JBU in three ways:

The inspiration for the founding of JBU occurred during one of John Brown’s revival campaigns in the summer of 1919. John Brown Sr. said, “On the morning of the 23rd of July, after a restless, sleepless night, the decision came to launch an institution built and dedicated for the specific purpose of helping the boy or girl who stood absolutely without financial support.”

The vision and passion that began during the summer of 1919 is captured today in the JBU Scholarship Fund (JBUSF). Founder’s Circle members represent the backbone of support for the JBUSF. More than 330 current members provide annual support to the JBUSF, which in turn provides financial assistance in the form of either need-based scholarships or work-study jobs for more than 500 students. 

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Founder's circle

2015/2016 GOAL:

Help 558 Students
$815,000 By June 30, 2016


2015/2016 Update:

414 Students Helped
$605,153 Given Through April 30, 2016  

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