Dear Alumni and Friends,


Alumni, parents, and friends are an important part in helping carry out our mission of Christian higher education.

You help us by praying, promoting and providing. Please keep JBU in your prayers and consider joining our prayer network.

When you hear about prospective students considering college options, be sure to promote the opportunities at JBU. Please consider supporting the university financially as you are able.


Jim Krall
Vice President of Advancement


Gift of '55 Alumna Helps Finish What Was Begun in 1945

       “I’ve never made a lot of money,” says John Pickle ’61, “but because I believe in holistic education—head, heart and hand—I provide what I can Givetowards scholarships at JBU.” Growing up near Siloam Springs, John knew all about John Brown University, and with his father working as a faculty member, the decision to attend was easy.
        After graduation, he completed four years in the military, obtained a Ph.D. in entomology and spent the next thirty years involved in agricultural production, before retiring in 2003 to work as a substitute teacher.
        During that time, even while undergoing medical issues, John gave to the JBU Scholarship Fund when finances allowed. “I give to JBU because of the solid education they provide,” he says. “When you educate the whole person, you instill values that become part of that person. My advice to students and alumni is this: keep the foundation of head, heart and hand.”

                                                                         - John Pickle '61