Fall 2015 & Spring 2016 Opportunities

Fall Break

Chicago, IL
October 16-20, 2015
The Chicago Inner City Vision Trip is designed to help students learn about and from inner city cultures and about ministry in these cultures. The trip will include exposure to both Hispanic and African-American churches and neighborhoods, homeless shelters, work projects and more. This is not primarily an evangelistic mission, but rather a learning mission-although we certainly hope that opportunities for spoken and lived evangelism will occur.

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Colcord, OK
October 17-20, 2015
The Colcord Outreach Trip is designed to engage students in practical ways of service in a small, rural community only 15 miles from campus. This trip serves as a great opportunity to not only reach out to our neighbors in need, but also join with the local church and other ministries that are already at work in the community. We will be doing repairs on houses and working with local churches to strengthen the community in several different ways. This trip is designed to help students begin to engage with basic community development principles by coming alongside churches and organizations  that already invest in the community to put each of our different skills and abilities to use in practical and needed areas of work.

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Limited financial assistance may be available for Fall Break trips.  Please contact Frank Huebert for more information.

Spring Weekend Trips

Tulsa, OK
January 22-24, 2016
More details to come.

Spring Break

New Orleans, LA
March 19-26, 2016

The New Orleans Service Trip is for the purpose of helping the New Orleans community in their continued efforts to rebuild their homes and their lives. We will partner with Reach Global, a relief ministry of the Evangelical Free Church of America. We will be available to help in any way possible, from home repair/construction to prayer walks and outreach ministries to meal preparation.

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Jackson, MS
March 19-27, 2016

We will be partnering, as community builders, with the Spencer Perkins Center. SPC focuses on Christian community development through reconciliation, redistribution, and relocation . We will be given a work project for the week which will consist of anything from refurbishing houses to landscaping to painting. Through educational opportunities, teaching from John Perkins, outreach ministries, and visits to historically significant civil rights locations, the goal is for a spiritually enriching experience that helps students understand how to engage in Christian community development.  

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