The videos below were created by Dr. Cary Balzer, Director of Faculty Development.

Essentials of Evangelical Theology

The theme of these:  "What Faith do We Integrate With Learning"

Essentials of Evangelical Theology (Part 1)

Essentials of Evangelical Theology (Part 2)

Integration of Faith and Learning

The videos below give some history as well as examples of integrating in the classroom

Integration of Faith and Learning

Integration Example

The First Day of Class

This video presented by Dr. Cary Balzer emphasizes how to start your class well. He presents this for both the face to face and online class.

The First Day of Class

Library Information

The following videos were created by Brent Swearingen, Instructional Services Librarian

Copyright                                                          Effective Searches

Searching EBSCO                                            Scholarly Sources


The following video was created by Dr. Gloria Gale, Professor of Education


Rubric examples from video:  Analytic Rubric     Holistic Rubric

Bloom's Taxonomy

Student Support Services

The following video was created by Jackie Wright, Director of Student Support Services

Students with Disabilities in Higher Education

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