Photo: Peer Review

Peer Review

Sample Documents for Peer Evaluation

As part of the Peer Evaluation process, faculty are asked to submit syllabi for courses and also a brief summary, detailed as follows:

Choose two classes from among those you have taught this semester or the previous semester.

  1. Offer examples to illustrate how you use your assessment of students to improve student learning.
  2. Describe briefly how each course fits into the curriculum as a core course, a major course, and/or a service course for other majors; please be specific as to what this course contributes.

Here are some samples of syllabi and summaries submitted by faculty members from various disciplines:

Holly Allen, Christian Ministries

Jane Beers, Biology

John Carmack, Grad Counseling

Rick Froman, Psychology

Jonathan Himes, English

Galen Johnson, Biblical Studies

Kevin Macfarlan, Engineering

Peter Pohle, Art

Terri Wubbena, Music

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