Blackboard is the JBU learning management system that enables instructors to post components of their course (or their entire course) online. Students can then access these course materials to complete assignments, participate in online discussions, take quizzes and tests, and view grades. One major advantage of such a system is that the materials are accessible anytime and anyplace with Internet access. For both faculty and students, there is a direct link to Blackboard located on EagleNet.

Features of Blackboard:

  • Ability to create and manage exciting and educational content--no computer coding skills needed!
  • Global navigation allows you easy access to assignments and grades
  • Mobile friendly for your smart phone or tablet
  • Ability to give students feedback in real-time
  • Collaborative spaces to help you interact with students

Basic Design Tips for Blackboard:

  1. Organize your course materials before you begin adding them to your Blackboard course shell.
  2. Create your documents in a word processing software.  This gives you the advantage of easier editing and spell check. It also allows you to keep a backup copy of your content material.
  3. Avoid long scrolling screens. Instead, use content areas to organize course materials into areas that are more user friendly for both you and your students.
  4. Use a font that is easy to read on a computer screen.
  5. If you are adding images to your course, choose ones that are between 5-35 kb in size for easy loading.
  6. Use links to provide students with additional information such as articles, video lectures, and more.

What do I need to do in order to get started and create a class?

If you are an instructor for a course, your course shells are automatically created for you! The names of your students will automatically be loaded into that course as well. All you have to do is add your content, and you are ready for class!

Accessing Blackboard

The easiest way to get to Blackboard is through the Employee and Student website; EagleNet. We use a single sign-on process, which allows you to be logged on to other JBU services you access as well.

1. Open a browser and navigate to:

2. Then you will need to enter your user and password to sign into EagleNet.

Log In Screen Shot


 3. Select the Blackboard icon in the ‘My Blackboard Classes’ section in the middle column of EagleNet:         

Blackboard Screen Shot


 4. Welcome to your Blackboard Home page! Your classes will be listed there in the right hand column.

Blackboard Home Page