Equipment that may be checked-out or reserved for use by all JBU students, faculty, and staff:

  1. Amplifier
  2. Cassette player
  3. CD Player
  4. Digital Camera (still)
  5. Direct Box
  6. DVD player
  7. High tech presentation cart (available in the Media Center or classrooms only)
  8. LCD projector
  9. Memo scriber
  10. Over head projector
  11. Screen
  12. Slide projector
    a. Dissolve unit
    b. Slide projector rack
  13. Tripod
  14. VCR
  15. Video camera
  16. Zip Drive (IBM)

The quantity of items is limited. You are advised to make an advanced reservation for equipment that must be used at a specific time. Reserve equipment by coming to the Media Center and making the request in person, by phone to 524.7171, or by filling out the online request form.