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Integration of Faith and Learning

One of the byproducts of last summer's Teagle Workshops was a desire for more interaction with faculty on the kind of topics discussed in the workshop.

In the Psychology Department, we always remind our students that faculty may be their most underutilized resource. We like to interact with students and we often learn from our discussions with them. I believe that JBU faculty are also a most underutilized reference for other JBU faculty. We need to have more discussions of the quality we had over the summer and, given our hectic schedules, it isn't likely to happen in a face-to-face format. 

We used a web-based bulletin board during the Teagle sessions but, due to the difficulty of accessing the system, it wasn't used much. I believe an e-mail discussion list will be much more fruitful in energizing faith-learning discussions on our campus. 

Members of the Summer 2000 Integration Workshop are automatically members of the FaithLearning email list at JBU. I hope you will fully participate in the discussions so we can all learn more about how faculty at JBU are integrating faith and learning. Please share your successes, your failures and anything in between. How have your projects impacted your courses? Did it work or not? Is there any wisdom you could share with the rest of us? Just send your messages to and let the discussion begin! 

If you did not attend last summers Integration Workshop you may still join this discussion list. Contact Rick Froman for details.  x295  email:

Technology Tips

The TechTips list is designed for the purpose of sharing information and ideas among those who have an interest in using technology to enhance their teaching. It can be used to ask questions of others who share your interests or to share successes and failures you have had in using technology in or out of class. It is a forum for generating ideas and sharing knowledge. It is designed to bring together those who have used technology (who will bring experience and knowledge) with new users (who will bring new ideas and perspectives). Because it is JBU-specific, you can ask specific questions and get direct answers.

To help you in distinguishing list messages from other email, all list messages will have "TechTips" on the subject line. When you reply to a message to the list, it will be addressed to the list. If you would like to send a private e-mail to the sender of the message, make sure his or her email address is on the "To" line of your message.

By the way, I am planning to include, as a feature of the list, a tech tip on a regular basis. If you have issues you would like addressed or questions you would like to have answered let me know. If there is a tip you would like to share with the group send it in. Join the discussion now by sending a message to
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If you have questions or concerns contact Dr. Richard L. Froman, x295, email:

Faculty Development Listserv

JBU faculty belong to a faculty development e-mail discussion list. The current address for the faculty development listserv is: Use this list to ask questions or share information with JBU colleagues. 


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