The JBU Degree Completion Program offers associates of Walmart and Sam's Club the opportunity to finish their bachelor's degree while continuing full-time employment.

Our organizational management program is offered at the JBU Rogers Center. Classes meet one night per week. 

Our business administration and liberal arts programs are offered 100% online.

JBU offers a 10% tuition discount to full-time associates of Walmart and Sam's Club who are enrolled in Graduate or Degree Completion business programs.

Why JBU?

  • Convenient scheduling: Our program was designed with working adults in mind, so you can continue to work full time while finishing your degree in Organizational Management in about 19 months. Our courses meet one night per week, 6-10 p.m., at the JBU Rogers Center. And because we have cohort scheduling, we can tell you exactly when you’ll graduate from the time you begin.
  • Program quality:U.S. News and World Report named us the #2 college in the south – and the #1 best value – for 2014, so you can be sure your degree from JBU will be respected in the workplace. Our faculty hold degrees from some of the world’s best universities, but they don’t just teach from theories or textbooks; they teach you how to do things in the real world. They work at some of Arkansas’ best companies by day, and bring their practical knowledge to our students in the classroom in the evening.
  • Highest success rate:JBU’s Degree Completion Program holds one of the highest graduation rates anywhere – 80%. Compare this to other schools that range between 20% and 65% and you will see that we have implemented a program that is focused on student success.
  • Large alumni network: With nearly 16,000 alumni throughout the world – including 4,209 alumni in northwest Arkansas – you will find yourself affiliated with a loyal constituency which brings both personal and professional advantages.


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