Ryan Feero

Fort Smith, Arkansas

For Ryan Feero, choosing JBU was an easy decision. “Living in Fort Smith, I was very familiar with their Degree Completion Program because of several success stories from personal friends,” he said. “So, after I got married in December 2010, I decided it was time to take control of my career path and complete my bachelor’s degree.”

Feero completed an information request on the JBU website and was contacted by an admissions counselor. “After meeting with him, I was shocked that I could transfer up to 30 hours of credit by examination to JBU,” he said. “That truly sets JBU apart from other degree completion programs.”

Feero appreciated the personal service he received throughout the enrollment process. “JBU clearly cared more about helping me complete my degree and was not merely shoving me in a classroom and taking my money,” he said. “My admissions counselor would contact me regularly to encourage me to continue working to gain all my requirements for enrollment. I still can’t believe JBU cared so much about my success before I was even a student! Choosing JBU as my university was easy, because the level of attention paid to each individual student is unmatched.”

Last fall, Feero became one of the first students in JBU’s new online Business Administration program. The ability to complete his coursework online coupled with the opportunity for faster completion made it the ideal choice for him. “When looking at other degree completion options, I was told it would either take too long to get my degree or that the study would be too intensive,” he said. “That’s when I found out about JBU’s new online BSBA program, which consists of eight-week courses that are all online. It suits me perfectly. “The online eight-week course structure allows me to learn, study, and complete assignments while working full-time and being a newlywed husband,” Feero said.

Feero truly loves being an online student. “One might think that an online course is inferior to a traditional classroom structure, but nothing could be further from the truth,” he said. “I have always struggled with taking notes, remembering what a professor said, or effectively managing assignment due dates. With JBU’s online BSBA program, I have everything available on BlackBoard that I can access from any computer with an Internet connection. This means I can pause or rewind a lecture, re-read exactly what the professor said in an email or assignment post, and I can even join a live or recorded class session at my own convenience. JBU provides the latest technology in online classroom tools and gives you access to their help desk for any problems you might encounter.”

And while some fear that online students have less interaction with faculty and other students than their counterparts in a traditional classroom, Feero hasn’t found that to be the case. “I have actually built deeper relationships with my professors and fellow students in the online classroom than I ever have sitting in a desk two or three times a week,” he said.

Most importantly, Feero feels that the BSBA program is preparing him for his future career. “It is truly an unabridged and comprehensive study of all things business,” he said. “Since my first day, I have felt like the online BSBA program is preparing me to be an effective business leader and contributor in my community.”

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