Phil Treadwell

Bentonville, Arkansas

Organizational Management Alumni 

Why did you choose JBU?

I am exactly the kind of person this program was designed for – I had great business experience but no degree. I had kids and a career and the schedule just worked for me and my family.

JBU was totally committed to the quality of my education. I didn’t feel like JBU was as concerned about how many people they churned through the program as in making sure that the students who enrolled received the best business education possible. All of the professors I had were concerned with making sure that I really learned the material and not just that I could pass a test.

We wrote a lot of papers. Looking back, that was great, because you had to really know the subject to write about it. I felt like I learned more.

Were there any particular classes or professors you enjoyed?

Kevin Fielder was one of my favorite teachers. He teaches because he loves it. He has success in his family life and his professional life, but he teaches at JBU because he believes in Christian higher education.

He was very engaging. He wanted all of us to participate in the conversation. He roots for you – there were several professors who did that – but Mr. Fielder really wants you to succeed.

The professors teach from experience, not just from textbooks. They’re working in the fields they teach. That’s why I preferred the JBU Degree Completion Program to a more traditional college experience.

What was your experience like as part of a cohort?

I loved my cohort! I’m in the mortgage industry, and I’ve since done loans for some of my classmates. I’ve been in some of their weddings.  We genuinely liked one another and became lifelong friends. We still stay in touch.

Going in, I had no idea how different it would be to progress through my degree in a group, but now that I’ve had the experience, I wouldn’t trade it. It made finishing my degree so much more enjoyable.


What did you enjoy most about the Organizational Management program?

I had great professors. It’s just one night a week for about a year and a half and then you’re finished. You’re with the same group of people the whole time – they have jobs, they have kids, and they have stuff going on in their lives, too.

I’m a big advocate for and fan of the OM program. I love that you can take one class at a time and focus on one subject at a time. It was so helpful that I was with other students who were my age, who were married and had kids, and worked full time. I’ve taken classes at other universities where, even if the students were near my age, they were not at the same place in life that I was. In the JBU program, the students are professionals with families who are there to finish their degree.

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