Marcus Necessary

Bentonville, Arkansas

2004 Organizational Management Graduate

Why did you decide to finish your degree at JBU?
I was working and wanted to get some work experience, and I didn’t to do the traditional college route, so I chose the JBU Degree Completion Program. It really worked for me and my life, since I was working full-time while finishing my degree.

What was your experience like in the JBU Degree Completion Program?
I don’t have a single negative thing to say about my time in the program. My experience there was practical; it was real world. It’s a totally different perspective when you’re sitting among 20 professionals.  It’s more of a community learning environment and less lecture than a traditional classroom.

You get to discuss business concepts with your professors, who – most of the time – are currently working in the fields they’re teaching. People in my cohort were in different periods of their lives. We had people who had different experiences and knowledge and it helped my learning.

Were you able to apply what you learned to your career?
There are many things that I learned that I’ve been able to apply to my work in real estate. Even my capstone project was about building a property management company. The things that I had to organize and put together for my capstone project were things that I hadn’t yet done in my career, but are skills that I’ve since used professionally.

What was the cohort like for you?
I thought it was great. Our class was on Monday night, but we got together every Sunday night, too. We weren’t passing answers around or taking shortcuts, but we were learning together and sharing our understanding with one another while getting ready for class the next night. Everybody understood things differently. We bounced ideas off of each other. We made friendships that we still have today. While you certainly meet people in traditional courses, the cohort is a totally different experience. Our group got along well. Everybody brought something to the table. We were all in it together, and helped each other.

How has your life changed since you graduated?
I didn’t have to have a college degree to do my job. But when the housing market crashed in 2008, I felt secure in knowing I had my degree. I finished my degree in case I needed it to fall back on, and although I haven’t had to, I’m glad I did it. I learned a lot that has helped me in my career. Plus, I made friendships that I still have today.

If someone asked you about the program, what would you say?
If you are thinking about it, you should absolutely do it. It was worth the money. It was worth the time. I would highly recommend it.


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