Women's Conference Chair - Mother of Two 
- Classic Rock Fan - VP of Marketing - JBU Graduate 

For Leslie Folsom, finishing her bachelor’s degree wasn’t something that she needed to do, it was something she wanted to do.

“I already had the job that I wanted,” Folsom said. “But college was the thing that felt unfinished in my life. And I wanted my kids to know that a bachelor’s degree is important.”

So Folsom chose the JBU Degree Completion Program and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Management in 2007.

“I chose the JBU program because it was affordable and worked with my life,” Folsom said. “I have a very active family and a busy career, so attending classes multiple nights per week wasn’t an option.”

Once enrolled, Folsom appreciated the cohort structure of the program. “I loved attending classes with other working adults,” she said. “We had so much in common . . . full-time jobs, families, and busy lives. When you’re in class with people who really want to be there, the learning environment changes. Everyone is motivated, everyone contributes to group projects, and everyone wants to learn.”

Having faculty who are full-time practitioners and part-time teachers was another plus. “The instructors were eager for me to learn and were there because they wanted to be,” Folsom said. “They were doing all day what they were teaching us at night, which made my classes so much more valuable.”

Four years after graduation, Folsom is still vice president of marketing for her company. She serves as conference chair for the Northwest Arkansas Business Women’s Conference and enjoys spending time with her husband, Joe, and their two teenagers.

“I would definitely do the program again,” Folsom said. “Getting my degree exposed me to things that I might not have experienced otherwise.”

“JBU was the right choice for me,” Folsom said.



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