Brad Anderson

Hot Springs, Arkansas

For Brad Anderson, finishing a bachelor’s degree meant providing a better future for his family. But he knew he’d have to continue working while he was in school. That’s why the JBU online program in Business Administration was the perfect fit for him.

“I chose JBU because it was one of the only ways that I could continue working and finish my degree,” Anderson said. “I have to provide for my family so quitting my job to finish my degree was not an option.”

Anderson currently works as an Administrative Specialist II for Drug Court in Probation and Parole for the State of Arkansas, and he hopes finishing his degree will lead to advancement. “Having a bachelor's degree will allow me the opportunity to apply for better paying jobs – such  as an officer – while still being able to stay in my chosen career field,” Anderson said.

In addition to the convenience of being able to attend classes online, Anderson appreciates the quality of the professors who are teaching in the program. “The thing I have loved the most about JBU is the faculty,” Anderson said. “I have attended other colleges where some of the faculty were stale and outdated. I have been pleased, and even shocked, at how quickly and thoroughly my emails have been answered. My professors have not only been incredibly knowledgeable, they have been interested in their students. Before JBU, I would have almost considered it a myth that professors were interested in what their students had to say, but I honestly believe that most, if not all, of the professors that I have had so far have actually listened to me.” 

While some fear a feeling of isolation in online learning, Anderson has enjoyed the interaction with his online classmates. “The students have been interesting and actually make the learning experience more enjoyable and more in-depth with some really excellent feedback,” he said. “Even though I live hours away from the JBU campus, I feel plugged-in to the classes and with my classmates.”

Anderson stressed that online learning isn’t easy. “It takes a lot of work,” he said.  “You cannot expect to spend an hour or two a week and be successful. It takes dedication.”

He’s also appreciated the fact that everything truly is completed in an online environment. “Every single project and assignment can be done from my home,” Anderson said.  “I even made an oral presentation to the class online!”



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