BA Online Course Schedule

Online courses in Business Administration

Below is a schedule of online courses offered through the JBU Degree Completion Program. Check with the associate registrar if you're a current student, or your admissions counselor if you're an applicant, to verify whether a course meets your credit needs.

Note that the schedule is subject to change and is dependent upon enrollment.

2014 Summer Term (June 2 - July 25)
BBL 1013 – Old Testament Survey
BBL 1023 – New Testament Survey
BUS 2193 – Business Statistics*
BUS 3153 – Business Ethics
BUS 4193 – Organizational Behavior
BUS 4993 – Strategic Management*
COM 4373 - Online Advocacy
COR 1101 – Orientation to John Brown University
ECN 4103 – International Economics*
ECN 2003 – Basic Economics
EGL 1023 - English II: Literary Analysis and Research*
HST 2153 - Twentieth Century World History
ICS 1113 - Intro to Sociology
MKT 3143 – Principles of Marketing*
POL 2013 – American Government
POL 3133 – Politics of Social Policy
PSY 1013 - Intro to Psychology

*Course has prerequisite(s)
++Course is an elective

To enroll in any course, you must be accepted into the JBU Degree Completion Program (current JBU Siloam Springs campus students should consult with their academic advisor for enrollment). Apply for admission, then visit with your admissions counselor about fulfilling the criteria for enrollment.

Textbooks and required course materials should be purchased prior to the first date of class. To review the list of textbook requirements, visit the online course schedule on the JBU Registrar's website (choose “degree completion” then “distance learning” to select the proper term).

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