Sarah Phipps

Business Administration

Sarah Phipps '05
Bentonville, Arkansas
Business Administration
(traditional campus program)

Why did you choose JBU to finish your bachelor’s degree? I completed the traditional undergraduate program, but selected JBU because of their commitment to integrate faith/values/ethics into all aspects of your education, just as it should be in all aspects of your life.

How have you changed – personally and professionally – since starting and/or finishing your degree? Attending JBU helped me mature in a number of ways—my faith, my outlook on the business and professional world, and the ways in which I could have a positive impact on each. JBU was extremely effective in preparing and equipping me for the business world. Not only through tangible business knowledge and skills, but in pushing me to learn how to become an effective leader and businessperson, while still holding strong to my ethical commitments and values.

How have you applied what you learned in your career? I've utilized management skills to implement (customer) relationship development and retention programs. I work closely with approx 100 NWA associates to ensure everyone is aware of our growth objectives, and all working toward the same goals. Attending JBU also taught me the value of being extremely organized. This has been incredibly helpful in the business world as I’ve had to learn to juggle multiple projects/initiatives and outside community commitments while constantly looking ahead to what strategic initiatives we need to be preparing for. Lastly, JBU helped me become a much stronger communicator—something that has been invaluable in my career, as well as in my role with community organizations.

What are your current/future goals? To add value to my organization every day. To constantly learn, develop, grow, and improve, and to always take advantage of the wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and experience of those around me.

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