Payment Information

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Tuition, fees and book costs are payable per term, not per course. There are four options for payment: (1) full pay – one lump sum with no financial aid; (2) payment plan – four payments per term ($50 fee per semester); (3) financial aid – grants and loans; and (4) third-party payment – VA benefits, tuition assistance, or employer reimbursement. Full payment or payment arrangements must be made by the first day of class.

The JBU payment plan requires a 20% down payment then four additional payments. If you haven’t made other payment arrangements (including pending aid) by the first class date, you will be automatically enrolled in a payment plan with the down payment due at that time.

Payment may be made online via Eaglenet or mailed the university cashier (2000 West University Street, Siloam Springs AR 72761).

E-check is the preferred means of online payment. JBU also accepts VISA, Discover and MasterCard for the payment of tuition and fees.

To contact the Degree Completion student account representative, email or call (479) 524-7398.