Kent ShafferKent Shaffer
Senior Admissions Counselor

M.S.L.E., John Brown University
B.A.S., Abilene Christian University

2807 Ajax Avenue, Suite 200
Rogers, AR 72758
P (479) 631-4665 / 800-528-4723
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Why students should choose JBU:

Quality - The Degree Completion Program, first and foremost, is designed to equip students with essential skills and knowledge useful in any field of business. JBU Degree Completion offers programs designed to provide a high-quality education.

Convenience - Offering students an opportunity to finish their degree by attending one night per week or online gives them the flexibility to maintain their lives while preparing for a better one.

Adult education - The average student is their early 30s, meaning you can count on a class discussion with a tone coming from the voice of experience. This makes the learning experience for each student relevant. Every student learns and contributes to the learning.

Finish what you started - With a graduation rate over 80%, JBU Degree Completion students are far more likely to finish their degree than students at most any other school. So if finishing your degree is important to you, JBU will increase your likelihood of graduating. It is important to us that you know exactly what it will take to finish your degree... no surprises, just a good plan and format to follow.

What's special about the Degree Completion Program:

Networking - The program has such a diverse mix of professionals and important relationships are often forged while attending. The relationships developed in the program could offer you an edge when seeking a promotion or change in your career.

Professional Instruction - Many of our professors are from the marketplace and work in the fields our students are currently working in or hope to be in the future. This gives students timely and credible information they can apply even in their current career.

About Kent:

Kent and his wife Becky have three daughters. Since family is so important to them, they've learned to expand their tent and have served as foster parents to more than 80 teen girls over the past 18 years. Three years ago, with the help of many local friends and God's blessing, Kent and Becky founded a local mission called Saving Grace, a transitional home and training facility for young women aged 18-24 who are aging out of foster care, group homes, or experiencing a similar lack of support. 

Kent's wife thinks he likes to cook, but he really likes to grill, because he likes to eat grilled food. 

Kent also enjoys golf and is available to play if you need a fourth.