Tuition & Fees

Once you enroll in an organizational management cohort, your tuition will remain the same as long as you remain in the same cohort. Other fees and rates are subject to change annually, around July 1.

Degree Completion Courses

July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015

$410 per credit hour

Business Administration, Liberal Arts and Organizational Management major courses as well as online electives

$250 per credit hour
Elective courses offered at one of our educational centers (not online)

July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014

$390 per credit hour

Organizational Management courses

$460 per credit hour
(tuition + $70/hour distance learning fee)
Online Business Administration, Liberal Arts and online elective courses

$250 per credit hour
Elective courses offered at one of our educational centers (not online)

Additional Information


2014-15 Tuition and Fees Information

The John Brown University Degree Completion Program will implement a leveled tuition and fees rate for the 2014-15 academic year.

Beginning July 1, students who in enroll in any JBU Degree Completion program will pay the same rate for tuition and fees, regardless of course delivery. 

With the redesign of JBU’s organizational management program, all Degree Completion students utilize technology services like the BlackBoard learning management system and 24/7 help desk access at similar levels. Therefore, the cost for online technology services will be distributed equally among online and classroom students.

Students enrolled in a current organizational management cohort will continue to pay the same tuition rate throughout the program so long as they do not withdraw. For online students, tuition is subject to change annually, on July 1.

The new tuition rate for Degree Completion courses is $410 per credit hour, beginning with the fall 2014 semester/term. Tuition and fees for elective courses held at JBU’s educational centers in Fort Smith, Little Rock and Rogers will remain $250 per credit hour.

If you have questions regarding the new tuition rate, contact your academic advisor if you’re a current student, or your admissions counselor if you’re a prospective student.