Esperanza Lassiter

Organizational Management

Esperanza Lassiter '11
Ligonier, IN
Organizational Management

Why did you choose JBU to finish your bachelor’s degree? I chose JBU to finish my degree because I was looking for a learning environment that echoed my personal values and beliefs.  Personal changes in my life, moving to two different states, and my husband going back to school caused me to put my education on hold. JBU’s Organizational Management program gave me the opportunity to finish what I had already started at other universities and allowed me to complete my degree while working full-time and balancing my personal life at home.

How have you changed – personally and professionally – since starting and/or finishing your degree? Since finishing my degree I have taken a lot of what I learned at JBU and applied it to my personal and professional life. The values and principles I experienced and learned at JBU have allowed me to be a better person for myself and to others around me.  Professionally, JBU’s OM program allowed me to apply what I had learned directly to my work, immediately building my strategic thinking skills and helping me become more effective at my job.

How have you applied what you learned in your career? JBU really pushed me to think more strategically. I have been able to evaluate real-life business scenarios in a strategic manner by using my critical thinking skills to elevate and better position the business.

What are your current/future goals? My current goal is to continue to advance and grow the business. In the future I would like to have ownership of my own business and manage my own account.

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