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BBL 1013 Old Testament Survey (3 credit hours)
A brief introduction to the history and message of the Old Testament. A general survey of the overall content of each book and certain significant themes stressing relevance to Christian living. (Biblical Studies, Humanities, or Elective Credit)

BBL1023 New Testament Survey (3 credit hours)
An introduction to the history and message of the New Testament. The class provides an academic overview of each book, its context and significant themes, with challenges and applications to Christian faith and discipleship. (Biblical Studies, Humanities, or Elective Credit)

PSY 1013 Introductory Psychology (3 credit hours)
A scientific study of the principles (Social/Behavioral Science or Elective Credit)

PSY 2383 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (3 credit hours)
A general statistics course that stresses a conceptual understanding of statistical procedures, and their appropriate use and interpretation. The course uses spreadsheet applications, current behavioral research publications, and examples from current events to teach critical thinking skills. Topics include descriptive statistics, the normal distribution, probability, and inferential statistics. Prerequisites: PSY 1013 and either an ACT Math score of at least 19 or equivalent, or MTH 0153. (Social/Behavioral Science or Elective Credit)






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