Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: When do your classes begin?

A: John Brown University has several start dates for each program. Check out our class schedules to see when the next group begins in your area.

Q: How long do the classes meet?

A:  Organizational Management classes meet from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, one night per week. Online courses are asynchronous (meaning you complete your work on your own time, with assignments due weekly).

Q: How long is the Degree Completion Program?

A:  Business Administration Online - About 24 months, depending on schedule
Liberal Arts -
12-24 months, depending on schedule
Management Accounting - 12-24 months, depending on schedule
Organizational Management
- About 20 months - 1 night per week

Q: What if I don't meet one of the entrance requirements?

A:  Talk to your admissions counselor. You may be able to petition for special admission and fulfill your outstanding entrance requirements while enrolled in the program.

Q: How can I get enough hours to be able to start the program?

A:  Even if you think you're a long way away from qualifying for the program, we recommend that you talk with your admissions counselor, who can evaluate your current credit and help you make a plan to fulfill admission criteria.

JBU offers electives that meet either on Wednesday or Friday nights or Saturday mornings. Students can also take CLEP or DANTES exams, or take courses from another regionally accredited college or university. 

Q: Will I have to take additional hours outside of the program above my 60 hours to start?

A: You need a minimum of 124 approved, total hours to graduate with a bachelor's degree from John Brown University. Depending on how many transferable hours you already have, you may need to complete additional hours prior to entering or while you are in the program. Credit hours for our programs are as follows:

- Business Administration Online, 51 semester credit hours

- Liberal Arts, 39 semester credit hours

- Management Accounting, 51 semester credit hours

- Organizational Management, 48 semester credit hours

Your admissions counselor can you help you determine how many hours you need and assist you in developing a plan to obtain any outstanding hours.

Q: What types of credit does JBU's Degree Completion Program accept?

A: We accept credits from other regionally accredited institutions as well as approved DANTES credit or CLEP exams. It is possible that you may receive credit for other prior learning or professional development experiences. Be sure to speak with your admissions counselor to discuss your credit hours.

Q: Can I transfer credits into the major requirements for my program?

A: In some cases, you may be able to transfer in equivalent courses for our major requirements. Please talk with your admissions counselor to determine if you have any courses that will replace any major requirements.

Q: Where do I buy books?

A: You may purchase books from the JBU Bookstore (owned by Follett Corporation) or elsewhere. If purchasing through the JBU Bookstore, you will have three textbook options: (1) purchase new books; (2) purchase used books (if available); or (3) rent books (if available). On average, used textbooks can be purchased for about one-fourth less than a new textbook, and textbooks can be rented for about half of the price of purchasing new textbooks. You will be asked to verify your shipping address during registration, and books will be shipped directly to you at that time.

If you intend to use financial aid to pay for books, you should be prepared to pay out-of-pocket for your books -- at least initially -- if you do not purchase them through the JBU Bookstore.

Financial Aid FAQs


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