LinkedIn - Networking - Job Searching

Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile

Using LinkedIn:

  • Create your own LinkedIn profile
    • Try to provide as much information as they ask for in order to have a strong profile.
    • Begin managing and adding contacts
  • Step by Step LinkedIn Guide


  • Create a user-friendly, professional profile, that represents you the way you want to be viewed.
  • Invite true friends and acquaintances to connect with you.
  • When you make requests, be clear about your goals and intentions from the beginning.
  • Do not just use the standard message LinkedIn provides, use your own wording.
  • Keep things slightly formal.  Think through your interactions and profile from an employer’s perspective.
  • Remember, even though it is online, value relationships over “transactions”
  •  LinkedIn Etiquette Guide

Alumni Network:

  • Use the "Group Directory" search feature and select the group name for John Brown University.
  • If you are a Sophomore, you are an alum of JBU.  Get connected with JBU by adding the following group to your profile: John Brown University Alumni

How to find a job using LinkedIn:

  • Build your profile and connections first, then begin the search.
  • Choose the type of job you want, location and  possible companies.
  • Contact people who are in hiring positions.
  • 1st degree network connections are the people you know; but the power of networking is in the second degree of connections. Ask a 1st connection to introduce you, then follow up with an introduction yourself.
  • How to Find Essential Employer Information on LinkedIn 
  • How to search for jobs and get connected with JBU Alumni Video
  • How to find a job using LinkedIn Video

How to create a LinkedIn Account - Grad Guide Series

  1. What is LinkedIn and Why Should I Join?
  2. Building Your Professional Brand
  3. Finding and Pursuing Your Career Passion
  4. Building and Maintaining a Professional Network
  5. Turning Relationships into Opportunities
  6. Researching and Prepping for Interviews & Other Opportunities



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