Interview Resources

Before, During & After

Watch the videos below to find out more about each part of the interview process.

After reviewing these videos & resources, contact us to set up a mock-interview.

Before the Interview

Research Yourself
This video explains how to make sure that everything in your resume is accurate and that you are truthfully portraying yourself to the interviewer.

What to Expect
This video explains what to expect in the interview process, arriving on time, what to bring and how to act.

Other Types of Interviews
This video explains how to interview on the phone or web, the importance of a good phone answering message and the use of informational interviewing.

Interview Dress
These pictures tell how to dress for an interview. 

The Interview Process

Interview Questions
This video explains common interview questions and what the interviewer is allowed to ask the interviewee.

After the Interview

What to Do After the Interview
This video explains what to do after the interview is over.

Handling Job Offers
This video explains the best practices for handling job offers after interviews.

Interview Resources:

Interview Checklist

Examples of Interview Questions and Answers

20 Illegal Questions Employers Can't Ask


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