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June 18, 2014
Mr. William Highermee 
Vice President for Accounting 
Utopia Inc. 
777 Dream St. 
Perfection, AR 74689 

Dear Mr. Highermee:

Addressed letter to an actual person, not "to whom it may concern."

I recently saw Utopia Inc.'s ad in the Wall Street Journal for an entry level accountant.  I believe that my education, experience and personal philosophy of work match Utopia Inc. well, and I would like to be considered for the position.

Told the company how she learned of the position, why they might want her,  and that she wanted the job. 

I am a highly skilled, detail oriented accountant, and want to use my skills to make a positive impact on the world.  From the information I  have gathered from your website and your founders book, Utopia: Let's make it happen, it is clear to me that Utopia Inc.'s mission is one that I can  identify with very strongly.  My experiences, skills, and my heart are all focused in the direction of accounting for the non-profit organization.

As you can see from my enclosed resume I have spent three summers working for the United Way, World Relief and Amnesty International.  Through  these unique experiences I have become:  

Left space here to make the letter easy to look at and easier to read. 

  •   skilled in non-profit accounting 
  •   proficient in interpretation of tax laws as they apply to non-profit organizations 
  •   familiar with organization, structure and operation of three leading non-profit organizations

Referred to her resume and highlighted her strongest job-related attributes.

I would love the opportunity to sit down with you and explain how I cut costs at the three aforementioned organizations while  allowing them to fulfill their  respective missions at their same high standards.  I can be reached at 479.524.7263, and can be available at your convenience.  Also, I will be in the  Perfection area from June 20 to June 25 if this would make a meeting more convenient. 

Asked for an interview, and suggested dates for a meeting.  Expressed enthusiasm appropriately. 

Thank you for taking the time to consider me for this position.  I will be calling you in several days to confirm that you have received these materials.

Thanked the reader and left the door open to call them if they don't call her first. 

Ivana Jobbe 
Ivana Jobbe 

Left herself enough room and remembered to sign her name.



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