Higher Education (HED) Courses

Descriptions of courses offered in the College of Business Administration Major in the College of Business

HED 7113 History and Philosophy of American Higher Education

Three hours

A study of the historical development of American higher education. The course reviews significant changes within the higher education system, focusing on higher educational institutional philosophy, objectives, and functions. This serves to lay the foundation for understanding higher educational programs, issues, and trends. Included as a focus of the course is an overview of the development and issues in Christian higher education.

HED 7663 The College Student: Issues, Policies, and Programs

Three hours

A foundational examination of student characteristics, demographics, beliefs, and cultural patterns in North American higher education. Major theories are reviewed that will assist the educational leader in developing policy and programs to maximize learning in the collegiate environment.

HED 7993 Administrative Leadership in Higher Education

Three hours

Analysis of leadership theories and concepts as they relate to utilizing higher education resources to manage change. The course incorporates current higher education trends and issues as contexts for inquiry and analysis into leadership of the various functional areas of higher education.

HED 8223 Educational Program Development and Implementation

Three hours

Application of learning from core courses in practical ways to provide solutions to real-world problems within an educational setting. Students examine program purposes, outcomes, planning models, transfer of learning models, budget development and evaluation. The culminating project is the development of an educational program related to the student's professional goals. The student is encouraged to take this course toward the end of their plan of study.

HED 8263 Higher Education Practicum

Three hours

An approved one- to two-week higher education experience in an international or cross-cultural setting.  This course will typically include several pre- and post-trip class meetings with specific expectations to fulfill both before and after the travel experience.  Additional fees associated with this course/trip.

HED 8903 Selected Topics

Three hours

A course offering students opportunities to study subjects of special interest. May be offered on a group basis in a classroom setting or as independent study under faculty supervision.

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