CMN (Christian Ministry)


CMN 7353 Christian Spirituality

Three hours

A survey of current definitions of Christian spirituality throughout the lifespan, examining biblical and theological foundations and explaining the current theories on spiritual development. Students compare and contrast faith development theory to spiritual development, analyze emerging research, and explore the key ways to nurture spiritual development.


CMN 7793 The Christian Message in Contemporary Society

Three hours

An examination of the theory and practice in various methods of communicating the Christian message. The course equips students to prepare and deliver accurate biblical messages in a variety of media while being aware of the contexts and worldviews of the audience.


CMN 8243 Building Emotionally Healthy Relationships

Three hours

A look at various aspects of healthy relationships as a foundation for effective ministry, with special attention given to the implications of humans being made in God's image with a mind, will, and emotions. Other emphases include cultivating healthy emotional self-awareness and self-management, dealing with difficult emotions, and effective conflict management.


CMN 8263 Evangelism and Discipleship

Three hours

An examination of the theory and practice of Christian evangelism and discipleship. Biblical and theological foundations are explored. Strategies, both modern and historical, are studied and evaluated. Students design and implement a particular strategy for use in a specific setting.


CMN 8903 Selected Topics in Christian Ministry

Three hours

An intensive study of a selected area of Christian Ministry (e.g., small groups, Christian education with youth, Christian education with children, outdoor ministry). Prerequisite: consent of instructor.