PSY (Psychology)


PSY 1013 Introductory Psychology

Three hours

A scientific study of the principles underlying human behavior. The student is introduced to the theory, research, and practice that characterize modern psychology.


PSY 2383 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

Three hours

A general statistics course that stresses a conceptual understanding of statistical procedures, and their appropriate use and interpretation. The course uses spreadsheet applications, current behavioral research publications, and examples from current events to teach critical thinking skills. Topics include descriptive statistics, the normal distribution, probability, and inferential statistics. Prerequisites: PSY 1013 and either an ACT Math score of at least 19, SAT score of at least 480, or MTH 0153.


PSY 2903 Psychology of Personal Growth

Three hours

A study of the origin and nature of human individual differences, including an investigation of human coping strategies, an exploration of the potential of personality change, and understanding the scientific approach to human adjustment.