Economics (ECN) Courses

Descriptions of courses offered in the College of Business

ECN 2003 Basic Economics

Three hours

An introduction to the basic concepts of economics, including microeconomics, macro-economics, personal finance, economics ethics, and economic history. Offered in online format.


ECN 2113 Principles of Microeconomics

Three hours

A study of markets and how supply and demand interact to direct the allocation of resources. Topics include market structures, the role of competition, price theory, output determination, and income distribution. Market failure and policy responses to problems such as pollution and poverty are also considered. Offered in online format.


ECN 2123 Principles of Macroeconomics

Three hours

A study of the determinants of national output and employment levels, the monetary system, and public policy for economic growth and stabilization. Inflation, unemployment, productivity, economic growth, balance of payments, and the public debt are considered from the perspectives of various schools of thought. Offered in online format. Prerequisite: ECN 2113.


ECN 4103 International Economics

Three hours

A study of the global economy with emphasis on the role of the United States. Topics include trade theory, trade restrictions, monetary systems, exchange rates, and the effect of domestic economic policies on global trade. Trade issues such as trade deficits, job displacement, economic sanctions, emerging nations, environmental issues, immigration, and currency crises are covered. Offered in online format. Prerequisite: ECN 2123.

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