Bible (BBL) Courses

Descriptions of courses offered in the Bible Department

BBL 1013 Old Testament Survey

Three hours

A brief introduction to the history and message of the Old Testament. A general survey of the overall content of each book and certain significant themes stressing relevance to Christian living. Offered in online format.


BBL 1023 New Testament Survey

Three hours

An introduction to the history and message of the New Testament. The class provides an academic overview of each book, its context and significant themes, with challenges and applications to Christian faith and discipleship. Offered in online format.


BBL 2003 Orientation to the Bible

Three hours

This is an introductory level course designed to give students an exposure to and appreciation of the Bible's contents, background, purpose, and relevance.


BBL 3913 Principles from the Life of Christ

Three hours

A study of the life of Jesus Christ in general but with major emphases on selected portions of His life, ministry, sacrificial death, and resurrection. With a view to "Living Christianly in a World of Unchristian Ideas," the course emphasizes the application of His life-changing principles to everyday living.

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