Off-Campus Programs

Other Off-Campus Educational Programs

Creation Care Study Program (CCSP)

The mission of CCSP is “to educate students to be a part of, and agents for, God’s shalom, particularly through understanding and caring for creation.”

The CCSP is an official CCCU study abroad program with locations in Belize and New Zealand. JBU students attending the CCSP program would receive 8 hours of upper division biology credit for the course in Sustainable Community Development (4 hours) and the Tropical Ecosystem/Ecosystems of the South Pacific (4 hours). The Faith and Science (GSC 4133) JBU course requirement would be fulfilled by the God and Nature (4 hours) course offering at CCSP.  Students may also choose to enroll in the Environmental Literature course (3 hours) and/or the internship (2-3 hours) as elective hours.  The CCSP program would also fulfill the JBU global studies credit (0-3 hours).

Institute for Family Studies

The Institute for Family Studies, commissioned by Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, exists to provide a unique Christian educational community that nurtures passionate and persuasive leaders who are committed to Jesus Christ, equipping them to promote healthy families, vibrant churches, and a civil society. Participants can earn either 12 or 15 credit hours, depending on the semester attended. The teaching and research program, tailored to the student's interests and goals, addresses issues such as the indispensability of the two-parent unit, the importance of fatherhood, marital fidelity, parental authority, and faith in God.

LCC International University

LCC International University (formerly Lithuania Christian College) is a nationally and internationally recognized liberal arts institution in the city of Klaipéda, Lithuania. Established in 1991 by a joint venture of Lithuanian, Canadian, and American foundations, LCC has distinguished itself in the region by offering a unique, future-oriented style of education and an interactive academic environment within the context of a Christian academic community.

Study abroad students select 15 to 17 credit hours from courses in Business Administration, English Language and Literature, Psychology and Theology. Students share a room with three European roommates and receive a monthly stipend for food and entertainment. The LCC study abroad program also includes an orientation week, travel throughout Lithuania, weekend trip to Riga and Tallinn, and a one-week semester break trip to St. Petersburg and Moscow. For more information contact the JBU International Programs Office.

Living and Learning in Quito

Living and Learning in Quito, Ecuador, is a 13-week semester study abroad program available to students who desire to continue their college education in an international setting. Living and Learning in Quito functions under the supervision of Youth World International. The program combines classroom learning and practical internships in a unique and challenging cross-cultural setting. Students will be enrolled in a Spanish language institute during their time in Quito. Interested students should consult the International Programs Office.

National Collegiate Honors Council Semesters Program

Membership in the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) entitles JBU Honors Scholars to apply for off-campus semesters which offer 16 hours of honors credit. Consortia agreements with host institutions enable students to receive credit directly from JBU. The semesters combine field studies, research, internships, seminars, and planned living-learning environments that fully exploit resources of the locale of the study. Settings for NCHC Semesters have included Greece, New York, Washington, D.C., Grand Canyon, Appalachia, Texas-Mexico borderlands, coastal Maine, and the Czech Republic.

Semester in Spain (Seville)

The Semester in Seville, Spain, is an exciting way for students to be immersed in Spanish language and culture. All levels of Spanish fluency, from beginning to advanced, will benefit from the time spent with the host family and surrounding Sevillianos. Travel opportunities in Spain include Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, and Granada. Also within short flight distance are many historical cities in Europe and northern Africa. Students can earn a possible 16 semester hours of credit. The program is required for majors in Spanish.