Office of Academic Assistance & Student Support Services

Empowering Students to Achieve Academic Success

Students may contact the Director of Student Support Services for assistance in further developing their academic skills. This includes such areas as study skills, note-taking skills, time management, test-taking skills, and other skills that help students succeed academically. Computer programs that help improve reading, writing, and math are available at minimal cost. Study skills videos are available. The class-tutoring program is funded by and coordinated through this office. The director will help a student engage an individual tutor, but payment is the responsibility of the student.

The Office of Academic Assistance administers the CLEP and MAT and proctors tests for correspondence courses. For general information, fees, or to schedule an appointment, call the Academic Assistance Coordinator at (479) 524-7401.

Student Support Services

Student Support Services (SSS) is a Federal grant-funded TRIO program designed to promote retention and graduation for traditional undergraduate students through intensive academic support. Students who have disabilities, who are first-generation college students, or who meet federal income guidelines are qualified for participation in SSS. Services include instruction in a variety of study skills, group and individual tutoring, academic counseling, cultural events, academic workshops, and referrals to other campus services. Scholarship funds are also available to qualified students. In order to qualify for a scholarship, a student must be an active participant in SSS, have less than 60 credit hours accumulated at the end of fall semester of the year applying, be receiving a Pell Grant for the current school year, and meet program-set GPA requirements.

Services for Students with Disabilities

It is the goal of John Brown University that all enrolled students be given equal opportunity to succeed in their quest for a higher education that is based upon our "Christ Over All" philosophy and that integrates the educational principles of "Head, Heart, and Hand." In accordance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and the ADAA, John Brown University is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to students who are disabled. The Director of Student Support Services works with students and instructors to arrange appropriate assistance in learning and physical access. Students having documented disabilities are encouraged to contact the director at (479) 524-7400 or (479) 524-7471, email, or to stop by the Office of Disability Services located in the Learning Resource Center (LRC), Room 148.

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