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Hutcheson Hall: John Brown University opened this new Residence Hall in August of 2004 and added a new four-story wing in August 2008. Trying to take the most appealing aspects of Mayfield, J.Alvin and Walker, the vision behind the design of Hutcheson Hall was to create a unique blend of various living arrangements.

Hutcheson Hall is home to 186 students, housed on four floors. Each of these floors has three different styles of rooms: the traditional wing where six rooms share a community bathroom as in Mayfield; a large suite where four rooms share a community living area and a shared bathroom as in J. Alvin; and a private suite hall where every two rooms are connected with a shared bathroom as in Walker.

Students have been very pleased with Hutcheson Hall, naming the large rooms, numerous common areas and friendly atmosphere as their favorite traits thus far. For student convenience, Hutcheson Hall also has public computers and printers, laundry facilities and a half kitchen on every floor. A full kitchen can be found on the first floor.

Our hope is that the design of the building will aid students in "sharing life together." As they share a room, share a suite or meet in the floor lounge for prayer or study we trust that students' college experience will be enriched.

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