Therapeutic Groups

Seeking Growth Together

This is an opportunity for six to eight students to meet in a group with a professional counselor as the group leader. Confidentiality and respect is maintained and therefore provides the group members an opportunity to address concerns, identify with others experiencing similar concerns, increase self-awareness and acceptance through group member interaction and feedback, and learn to respect individual differences. This is also the place to try out new behaviors and ideas, to express difficult feelings and to practice assertiveness.  

Types of groups available:

  • Common Growth Group- A group available for women and men to address personal concerns and provide feedback to each other. Individual concerns may vary; however, common themes are also addressed.
  • Masculinity and Integrity- A therapeutic growth group for men.
  • God's Poetry- Women and Positive Body Image- Learning to appreciate our bodies by viewing them through the eyes of God rather than the lens of society and culture.
  • Good Mourning -A place where women and men come together to share their stories of grief and loss with the aim of experiencing healing and acceptance.
  • Healing from Assault- A safe, guided place for trauma conversion.

There are many other types of groups that can be formed on an as-needed basis

Screening Interview

If you are interested in a group, please fill out an intake form.

Once the intake form is received, the group counselor schedules a time to meet with potential group members. This individual meeting will address particulars of group work, like: expectations of the group leader; expectations of members' participation, group members' reservations of working in a group setting; potential problems members will face; and group norms. Following the individual screening interview, the group counselor will either assign the individual to a group or recommend another form of help, e.g., individual counseling.

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