Student Counseling Center

Services & Fees

Most students are served on an individual basis and typically meet weekly for a 45-50 minute session. Some individuals need only a few sessions to work through their personal concerns. Some need more time. The number of sessions is based on the student's need and particular circumstances.

In the event a student's concern requires intensive therapeutic or medical care beyond the scope of the counseling center or health services, our office will assist students with referrals to professional off-campus support services.

Scope of Services

Students are not charged for sessions 1-8. Also, there is no fee for group counseling. If a student
continues working in individual counseling after the 8th session, then there is a $10 charge per session. Or, the student can move into group counseling to continue their work. There are no fees associated with group work regardless of the number of sessions a student has had in individual.

Undergraduate fees are as follows:
Sessions 1-8: No charge
Sessions 9+: $10 per session

Graduate and Advance student fees are as follows:
Intake session: No charge
Sessions 2-8: $30 per session
Sessions 9+: $60 per session

Discuss questions or concerns about payment during your initial visit or by emailing

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