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Experience China

Student Testimonials

“I can say for the trip: It was the best way I could have experienced China for the first time! I learned a lot about the Chinese culture and business environment in a practical way and had a lot of fun doing it. The team was amazing and we got really close by experiencing this new adventure together. in addition to the classes and cultural experience, we learned some Chinese and made friends and a lot of memories! For anyone looking for a fun way to get introduced to the Chinese business and culture, this would be the best way to do it! So worth it!”

- Cindy Achieng


“Going to China helped me better understand a unique culture that has the potential to dramatically influence the way the world sees business today. I am so thankful I went on this trip. I will never forget the memories I have from walking along The Great Wall to taking overnight sleeper trains. This is a unique experience I will probably never be able to match in my life. Having been to China has really helped me understand different cultures in a way that is very unique and special. This ability to adapt and understand different people will serve me well as I develop friendships both personally and professionally in my career. Some of the business discussions we had on this trip are very relevant and useful to my current job and potential future career.”

- Sarah Ruhl

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